With Christmas long-gone and three more months of winter ahead of us, some of us may be experiencing that January phenomenon called the “winter blues.” Not everyone experiences that sad and lonely feeling, but those of us who do simply cannot wait for the first hint of spring to come and greet us. An important part of chasing those winter blues away is to not shut yourself inside. Embracing the cold air, wet snow, and cloudy skies is guaranteed to improve your mood and make you happy to be outside. Here are three fun outdoor activities that cure the winter blues:

#1: Winter Sports

You may be a hardcore sun bum, but you have to admit that the winter does have some advantages, most notably its winter sports. The snow can turn your backyard into a winter playground, and if you live in or around Montreal, there are plenty of mountain resorts like Mont Tremblant, Saint-Sauveur, or Mont Rigaud that offer a ton of activities for the whole family. Not a fan of downhill skiing or snowboarding? Why not try tubing or tobogganing. Be sure to bundle up with plenty of layers and to wear protective eye wear! No matter how you choose to get down the hill, spending a day at the mountain will be an invigorating activity that the whole family will enjoy.

#2: Nature Walks

One of the biggest complaints about winter is that everything is “dead”. The trees are bare, the grass is buried, and all the flowers and plants are dead. But that doesn’t mean that Mother Nature has turned her back on us. Even in the dead of winter, nature is still very much alive. It may not be immediately visible on the surface, but if you look hard enough, you’ll see plenty of amazing things happening just below the snow or up in the tree tops. Strap on a pair of cross-country skis or snow shoes and take a stroll through your local park, forest, or field. Don’t forget your camera.

#3: Fun and Games

The key to enjoying winter is to bring out the inner child in you. As kids, we spend most of our winters fully strapped up in snow suits and clunky waterproof boots just so that we can spend as much time outside as possible building forts and snowmen, beating each other at snow ball fights, or simply rolling around in the snow. We say, get yourself a pair of adult snow pants and join in on the fun! There’s nothing more enjoyable than letting your inner child call the shots sometimes. So, go on, play in the yard. Just the act of play can significantly reduce you winter blues, not to mention a much-needed shot of vitamin D3 from playing in the sun. If you’re looking for an outdoor game with a little more structure, check out our awesome skill-based games that pair perfectly with the cold weather, like our hilarious tug-of-war, giant basketball, or any of our carnival-style games. Check out our catalogue for play inspiration!