It’s a real disappointment when the birthday boy or girl has to pretend to be surprised when you put so much effort into organizing a surprise party for them. If they’re too embarrassed to admit that they knew about it, you spend the rest of the party trying to figure out how you slipped up. Sometimes, the reason the surprise failed isn’t so obvious. Sometimes it’s staring at you right in the face. Here are five dead giveaways that make your surprise party plans pretty obvious:

#1: There’s a Lineup of Cars Outside Your House

Everyone on the birthday list does their best to show up on time and hide when you give them the signal. However, your son or daughter notices an unusually high number of cars parked on the street outside your house. It will be pretty hard to convince them that the cars must be there for another reason other than their birthday in the short amount of time it takes for you to cross the driveway and enter the house. A lot of cars parked outside is a dead giveaway. Ask people to carpool or park a few houses down to make sure that everything looks normal when the birthday boy or girl comes back home.

#2: Their Friends Are All “Busy” on Their Birthday

The problem with planning a birthday party on their actual birthday or the weekend closest to the day is that all your kid’s friends will have to come up with some excuse as to why they’re not available. Depending on how old your children are, they may not be the best at subterfuge. If your child starts to suspect something once they realize that not a single person is free the weekend of their big day, then the surprise is spoiled. If they don’t suspect anything, their feelings might be hurt that no one can show up to their party.

#3: Latecomers Show Up as the Birthday Boy/Girl Arrives

Poor timing can be a dead giveaway. That’s why it’s so important that you make sure everyone knows when to show up, and if they’re going to be late, to call before getting out of the car. Make the times obvious on the invitations and send a reminder the day before to ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them. Nothing feels worse than spoiling the surprise at the very last second.

#4: You Pretend to Forget Their Birthday

Things might get awkward when you pretend to forget their birthday because you planned their surprise party after the real date. If you want to make life really unsettling for your kid up until the date of their surprise party, by all means, pretend to forget the date of their birth. If there’s no other date to host the big surprise until the weekend after, try to plan a small get-together with family on the day of. Otherwise, save the surprise for next year.

#5: You Can See an Inflatable Game from the Street

Decorating for a party is half the fun. That’s why you may not be able to resist adding balloons, streamers, and games in the backyard. Make sure that you can’t see anything from every angle of the street, including the driveway. Your child may start to suspect something when they see the peak of the inflatable Fortress you rented. Fortunately, you can set up your inflatable game in just 10 minutes, so there’s no problem waiting until after your child comes back home to inflate it.

If you’re trying too hard to surprise your kid, there may be a chance they suspect something already. The trick is to act naturally, especially during the days leading up to their party. For all your party fun and games, contact Amuz or check out our impressive catalogue of inflatable games.