The weather is unpredictable: that’s why it can be hard to plan a party around it. It’s understandable if you don’t want to risk the chance of a massive thunder shower ruining a perfectly good party. If you’d rather not leave it up to fate, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your little one’s party inside. Here are five must-haves to create the perfect indoor birthday party.

#1: Inflatable Indoor Game
What child’s birthday party is complete without a fun bouncy house? Our inflatable game rentals range in size, but we have many smaller options that can easily fit in a basement or indoor space. Check out this totally awesome gender neutral party jumper, or this giant inflatable throne. Inflatable games are ideal for indoor use as they are safe and don’t pose a risk of damage to your walls, floors or interiors.

#2: Arcade Game Table
Give your children a chance to discover what video games are really about with this retro arcade game table that comes with 412 pre-installed 80s favourites. Brush up on your Frogger and impress your children with your gaming skills. Rediscover classic arcade games like Qbert, Strata Bowling, Tetris, Tempest, Galaga, Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Centipede as your children and their friends explore it for the first time.

#3: Giant Connect 4
Things might get loud. The only thing better than Connect 4 is a GIANT Connect 4. This supersized classic family game is transformed into a fun activity for all your child’s friends as they get to pick teams and create unique challenges. This type of game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The four-foot-tall Connect 4 board game is perfect for basement parties, and the giant pieces allow for easy clean up.

#4: Giant Jenga
And speaking about big things making a lot of noise, is there anything more hilarious than constructing the world’s biggest Jenga tower? At the start of the game, the Jenga blocks stand at 36” tall. Imagine how much taller it can get as you challenge each other not to be the one to let it fall. Don’t be surprised if the tower outgrows you! If you’re worried about what will happen to it when it inevitably tumbles over, we suggest to lay some towels around the perimeter.

#5: Blocks
We don’t know any kid that doesn’t like building forts! That’s why renting our panels makes the perfect indoor activity for all. The block rental comes with 138 panels to really give your kids and their friends the freedom to design their own fortress around the basement. The possibilities are truly endless, and our blocks are safe for indoor use.

Amuz’s main objective is to have fun. We will never let a little rain storm get in our way of having fun. No matter what the weather promises, we have the inventory to turn your child’s birthday party into a major success. If it rains on the day you planned your outdoor activity, that’s no problem. Simply reschedule! Click here to learn more about our cancellation policies. For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.