If your little one’s first birthday is fast approaching, you may be wondering where the time has gone. It probably felt just like yesterday that you were bringing your little boy or girl home from the hospital. Throwing a one-year-old’s birthday party is not like throwing a sweet sixteen. If you’re wondering how to show your sweet baby and your guests a fun birthday experience, here are some helpful tips:

#1: Make it Short and Sweet

By the time you’re 21 years old, you might expect a birthday party to last until the wee hours of the night. But the great thing about a one-year-old’s party is that it can be short and sweet. Your new toddler’s attention span isn’t the greatest, and participating in fun and loud activities may only interest them for a few hours. The best time of day for a baby’s birthday party is in between lunch and dinner.

#2: Don’t Forget the Birthday Cake

You want your baby’s birthday party to be the best. Even though they may not remember this particular birthday, providing them with all the trappings of a real birthday party make for great memories and photo opportunities. True, we don’t necessarily want to load them up on sugar, and if this is your concern, there are plenty of baby-friendly birthday cake recipes available Online.

#3: Have a Little Something for Everyone

If other toddlers and babies could take themselves to your child’s birthday party, then you’d only have to worry about entertaining one age group. But considering that parents have to be there, try to make the event as enjoyable as possible. Offer beer and wine, set out healthy and nutritious snacks, and allow parents to mingle with each other.

#4: Entertain the Older Kids

Like we said, parents aren’t going to leave their older children at home while they take their youngest to a birthday party. Expect kids much older than one to be there. And expect them to want to be entertained. We all know that kids learn and develop so quickly, and we all know that they are easily bored with games or toys that are too young for them. Take care of the older-kid entertainment by setting up an inflatable game in the backyard, like this super fun ball pit or this Flip Flop bouncy house. And don’t forget about the yummy kid-approved snacks!

#5: Schedule the Party In between Nap Times

If your child cries at their own birthday party, just remember that it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. Young children cry…a lot. While we may not like it, it’s just the way it goes. But if the very thought of your baby bursting into tears breaks your soft heart, there are a few ways to reduce the chances of a mid-party meltdown. Ensure that your baby is well-rested, well-fed, and dry. Tired babies are cranky babies, so even though it’s your child’s first birthday, let them sleep for as long as possible before their guests arrive.

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