This spring, celebrate Easter with your family and friends by hosting a fun and kid-friendly backyard party. If you don’t celebrate Easter, you can adapt your festivities to commemorate the season of rebirth, growth, and the promise of warmer days ahead. Here are five fun ways to celebrate your long Easter weekend.

#1: Egg Shell Painting

No Easter celebration is complete without the presence of beautifully painted eggs. These days, all our Easter eggs come not only in beautiful colours, but in delicious flavours. Traditionally, however, coloured eggs used to be made from real chicken and duck eggs and were carefully stained with natural dyes that were given out as presents. Painting eggs at Easter is the spring is equivalent to face painting on Canada Day. Encourage your kids to be as creative as they wish. Any paint will do! Just be careful not to crack any!

#2: Easter Egg Hunt

For many children, the best part of Easter is going on an egg hunt. Whether you hide the eggs in your house or outside, your kids will love hunting and collecting colourful and chocolatey Easter eggs in their beautiful Easter baskets. Easter eggs are readily available at grocery stores and pharmacies, but if you have time, you can also make individual chocolates or treats from scratch.

#3: Plant a Kids’ Garden

Historically, spring has always been a celebration of life, especially in nature. What better way to cultivate your children’s appreciate of nature and understanding of the seasons than to help them start their very own garden? The end of March in southern Quebec may still be too early to plant seeds directly outside, but your kids can always start their seeds in small seed-starting pots and place them on a windowsill until it’s warm enough to bring them outside.

#4: Petting Zoo

Of course, what would a celebration of spring be without animals? Spring is a busy time of year for wildlife and farm animals alike. For many species, spring is typically the time of year where new babies are born. So, while you might have a hard time bringing animals to your backyard, there are many farms from Saint-Lazare to Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu that welcome visitors to come and see their animals.

#5: Play Giant Games

The beginning of spring is wet and muddy. No matter how warm and sunny it is, rain boots are a necessity. To help your children play on the slippery ground, we recommend renting Giant Games. Our Giant Spoon & Egg game pairs perfectly with the theme of your backyard party, while a game of soccer with a giant soccer ball helps kids burn off all that chocolate. Larger playing balls won’t get lost in the dirt and dead leaves, and using oversized balls encourages adults and children to play together.

However you celebrate Easter this spring, bring on the fun with Amuz party rentals. We’ll turn your backyard party into an exciting celebration that will be the envy of the whole neighbourhood. Contact us or book your party rentals today!