Kids are like the energizer bunny; always on the go and never seem to slow down, well until they run out of steam! Finding fun games to keep them entertained can be a challenge. Here are fun game ideas and suggestions to get the kids hopping and moving in your 123 Flip Flop inflatables rentals Montreal:

Red Light. Green Light!

This is a fun game that can produce endless excitement and anticipation from the kids; keeping them actively engaged. The basics of this game are to follow the STOP and GO instructions offered by the supervising adult failure of which would equal to EXITING the bouncy. Red would mean STOP (in this case no bouncing); while green would signify GO (continue bouncing). Music (meaning GO and no music meaning STOP) can also be introduced for double the fun! The last kid left bouncing wins the game. As a safety precaution, it is advised to ensure there is enough bouncing room for all participants.

Follow the Leader (Simon)!

An adult gives instructions for actions to be taken but these actions are only to be executed if they begin with the phrase “Simon says!” This fun game that commonly goes by the name of the phrase is a way of teaching listening skills and obedience while having a good time. Anyone who doesn’t follow the instructions given will have to exit the bouncy and the last kid left in the bouncy inflatable wins the game. This game will generate limitless fun and provides countless variations to what the kids can do. Whether it is identifying body parts or executing ‘doing words’; be creative!

The Basketball (spelling) Game!

Some inflatable bouncers come with an attached basketball hoop. If you rent one that doesn’t have a hoop you can always add on as an accessory. To play this game the kids have to make baskets from pre-determined and marked spots on the bouncy. Each spot could be marked with a different letter of the alphabet which, when all baskets are made, the letters spell out a word. Traditionally the word HORSE is the common outcome but customization to suit the occasion would be a brilliant idea, even spelling names of the participants would make it more enjoyable.

Let’s Tumble Race!

Most kids find racing to be a whole lot of fun. Now add a bouncy surface to the equation and you have yourself a fun game to entertain your young party-goers. Have the kids line up against the wall of the inflatable, waiting for the ‘ready-set-go’ instructions. Once the adult okays the “GO”, the kids will get down on the bouncy floor and try to somersault across to the other end. They must touch the opposite wall before tumbling back. Whoever gets to the starting point first is the winner. Ensure enough space or limit the number of kids.

Crab Kick!

This fun game involves lying on your back and kicking balloons. The objective of the game is to keep the balloon floating for as long as possible and win the game. If your balloon touches the floor, you exit the game.

Free-for All Play!

Kids have an excellent imagination and a boundless creativity. When push comes to shove, just let them be and let them play as they please. Be sure to keep an eye on what is going on though since there are no rules to govern and guide the fun. Things could easily get out of hand if not monitored closely.

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