For those of us who are unfortunate enough to be born in December, the holidays have a way of stealing our thunder. It doesn’t matter if we don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukah ourselves. If all our friends are busy spending the holidays with their families, throwing a birthday party can be a lonely experience, especially for young children who can’t celebrate their birthday with their friends. If you’re throwing your December baby a birthday party next month, here are some common mistakes to avoid making your little one feel left out:

Combining Holiday and Birthday Gifts

Yes, navigating gift-buying at this time of year can be tricky. It’s obviously simpler to buy your child their Christmas gifts and use one of them for their birthday. However, a child can sometimes tell the difference. Remember, everyone gets a gift on Christmas, but our birthdays are meant to be special. Pretending that Christmas isn’t around the corner may help you pick a present for your child that is truly exceptional. While we’re on the subject of gifts, make sure not to wrap their presents in Christmas wrapping. It’s a small act, but it really does make a difference to your child.

Throwing a Party So Close to the Holidays

Having a birthday in the first week of December is one thing, but if your son or daughter is born a few days before Christmas or in between the 25th and New Year’s Eve, you’re going to have a really hard time filling your guest list. That time of year is simply too hectic to ask people to come over for a birthday party. Our suggestion: move the birthday party before or after the Christmas holidays, so your child can personally invite their friends and classmates to their party.

Using Holiday Decorations or Greeting Cards

Nothing makes a kid feel less-than-special then when their parents don’t make a big deal out of their birthday. The more you can separate their big day from your family Hanukah or Christmas celebrations, the happier your child will be. Instead of feeling like their birthday was an after-thought to the seasonal festivities, they’ll know that you remembered this time of year as significant for another important reason: the day they were born. To avoid making your child feel like their birthday comes second to the holidays, give them a birthday-specific card and decorate your home with colourful balloons, streamers, and a yummy birthday cake.

Organizing Holiday-Themed Activities

The stores are filling up with holiday crackers, board games, and all the miscellaneous family activities that only seem to come out in December. However, just because it’s festive to participate in these activities during the holiday season, it doesn’t really have anything to do with your kid’s birthday. Instead of giving your child and their friends something Christmassy to do on his or her birthday party, why not set up fun indoor activities, like this classic Inflatable Party Jumper that’s perfect for basements, or colour blocks that inspire your child to use their imagination and build the indoor fort of their dreams.

Having to share a birthday with “the most wonderful time of the year” can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re trying to organize your young child’s birthday party. Amuz will help you plan the most exciting birthday party for your December baby so they’ll never again feel like they’re competing with the holidays. View our party rentals Online or Contact us today for more information.