The start of the school year seems to bring feelings of both excitement and anxiety. Knowing that your child will not only get the best education but will also be in great company and safe hands, can be a reassuring element that most parents would love to be confident in. Attending a school open house can help both the parent and the child to establish if the school of their choice will be able to fulfill their expectations, and then some. Teachers and school administrators need to understand these dynamics when planning for an open house.

Here are valuable tips to help plan a fun and successful school open house.

Send out an advance notice and frequent but not nagging reminders

Planning well ahead of time is very important. It will give you sufficient time to not only put your best party planning ‘foot forward’ but will most importantly give parents enough time to make plans to attend the open house event. After-all you wouldn’t want to put all that energy into planning an event whose turnout is dismal. Send out notices in advance via multiple communication media. You can send paper mail, follow it up with an email and also put a notice on the classroom board or send a note home with the child.

Plan age appropriate activities and snack options

Since open house events are designed to accommodate both the students and their parents, it would be a smart idea to plan for age appropriate activities as well as light snacks. When the students, especially the young ages, preschoolers and daycare setting are not engrossed in some fun activity, it would be almost impossible for the parents to listen to anything you have to say. Carnival gamesand giant outdoor games for kids would be a great addition to your event. This will keep the kids occupied long enough to let mom and dad tour the school and mingle with their child’s teacher(s).Inflatable rentals from 123 Flip Flop Montreal are a big party hit. Try them out.

Designate themed fun stations to spice up your event

From ABC’s to 123’s to even wildlife, kids love to explore their immediate environment to quench their heightened curiosity. Plan different themed fun stations to get the kids thoroughly entertained. This eases the load from the parents of having to constantly act as the prop for fun. Whether you choose a Safari themed fun station, a coloring station or an ABCs writing station, making it as self-directed and as safe as possible will also ensure that close monitoring is not on constant demand.

Alternatively, you can throw a back to school party in your own backyard as the parent and invite your child’s friends and would be classmates to get them to know each other ahead of the first day of school. Remember a clean and safe party environment is your insurance policy against unforeseen potential accidents and liabilities.