The mention of summer brings images of sunshine and outdoor fun; a summertime party should be that and much, much MORE! Here is the ultimate123 Flip Flop’s guide to planning a fun kids summer party without breaking the bank!

Plan ahead

With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to make plans for your summer parties and avoid last minute hassles! Planning ahead will help you concentrate on specifics and party details that aid in maximizing fun even on a minimized budget! Whether it’s a birthday, family get-together, or just a fun summertime party for the kids, 123 Flip Flop has your party needs covered! From inflatable games to cotton candy machine rentals, we have all your party accessories under one roof. Reserve your party supplies ahead of time and enjoy a large selection of your choice items. Stuff happens, so even if you are racing against the clock, do not worry; last minute reservations are welcomed!

Ensure cleanliness and safety

Kids curious beings and are bound to get into anything and everything around them, if we let them! To make sure that your party venue is safe and secure as well as clean, taking time the day before the party to clean up and put away any items that may pose as potential hazards will relieve you from party-time mad dash to get organized! Childproof play areas and arrange to have adults on ‘duty’ for supervising play and ensuring smooth transitions from one fun activity to the next.

Plan age appropriate activities

Planning is one thing; planning with intent is another! To avoid misfiring on potential fun opportunities and thwarting your party planning efforts, ensure that activities are not only fun but also appropriate for the age group in question. Carnival games and inflatable games are a big hit with kids, just ensure that the supplies you choose are safe for the age bracket you are entertaining. You can never be too careful where kids safety is concerned therefore ensuring adult supervision and guidance is also a plus.

Make food presentation fun

On an average day, most kids are picky eaters. You do not want kids running on empty and expending all their energy without eating! To make sure that even the stubbornest of them makes their way to the food table; utilize fun food presentation, colorful dishes and small, bite size servings. Setting the food table adjacent to a cotton candy machine would also help attracting attention and guiding the kids to the source. Be creative!

Keep it simple and casual

Summer parties need a relaxed and fun environment. Do not be too uptight! Keeping it simple and casual can make the difference between fun and epic party fail! You do not have to spend a fortune either to make it a fun party. At 123 Flip Flop, you can save considerably on your party items when you combine party rentals. Learn more about our promotion on our website and let us help you in planning your next fun party!