Anyone born in the winter months knows what it feels like to throw a birthday party inside. Summer babies have it so easy. They can host their birthday parties in the backyard, on the beach, or by the pool and never have to worry about the temperature dropping. But if you’re born between October and April, spending any time outside is a gamble. Don’t let the cold air get to you. This birthday, plan your birthday party outside with these cold-fighting hacks:


Layers: What Not to Wear


Just because you’re wearing three pairs of socks under those winter boots, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from the frigid cold. There are certain materials, such as cotton and synthetic fibres that do not wick moisture away from your body, which makes your feel unbearably damp and cold. The best material to use for winter is soft merino wool or a similar fibre that has special moisture-wicking and insulating properties.


Speaking of layering, our ancestors had the bright idea when they invented the long johns. If you’re anticipating a really cold day, try wearing flannel or something similar as your first layer, as that will prevent the cold from seeping into your bones.


Heating Lamps


The advantage of heating lamps is that they usually have plenty of safety features installed so that adult supervision isn’t always necessary. They’re clean, easy to install, and feel amazing to your frozen fingers. Spending just a few minutes under one of those lamps is just what you need to thaw out your extremities and get back to building your snow fort.




While fires always represent an inherent risk, they do have a few advantages over heating lamps. They don’t need to be close to a power source. They’re generally cheaper to produce heat, and the biggest advantage of all: they are a great light source when the sun starts to set on your backyard. Be sure to check municipal permits before you decide that a bonfire is the way to go, and always practice fire safety.


Indoor Breaks


Sometimes, there’s nothing left to do but to go inside, take off your boots, and spend a few blissful minutes sitting by the fire place or heater. Quebec is no stranger to Arctic blasts of cold air, so if your party happens to fall on a day when the cold is absolutely unbearable, the only way to stay safe is to encourage your guests to come inside for frequent breaks.


Warm Food and Drink


Last but not least, offering your guests plenty of food and drink that will warm their bellies and help them burn all those calories is the final ingredient. You might notice that spending long periods of time in the cold outdoors makes you a little hungry. That’s because our bodies are working really hard to stay warm to ensure that all your organs don’t freeze! That’s when hot chocolate, hot dogs, and popcorn come in. However, if you want to take advantage of all the snow around you, why not get your hands on some snow cone syrup to make your very own snow cones?


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