Planning an event outdoors always comes with an inherent risk of bad weather. You can plan everything down to the last detail, but you can’t plan for pleasant, sunny skies. Whether or not you have a contingency plan in case of rain, there are always ways to avoid spoiling the day. This summer, Montreal is experiencing some of the most unpleasant weather it has seen in years. If you’re planning a birthday party this summer, here are some tips to keep the day bright and cheery no matter what the weather.

Have a Plan B That Feels Like Plan A

This summer, there’s a fifty–fifty chance that the weather will turn. If you’re planning an outdoor birthday party, work event, or school affair, be sure to have a Plan B that promises to be as much fun as your original idea. If you can’t afford to secure deposits on venues and activities, try to organize your outdoor event so that it can easily be adapted to an indoor setting. For instance, find out if your Amuz inflatable game can fit in your basement so you can continue the party inside. If not, you can easily re-schedule your game for up to a year. Call us as late as the morning of your event to reschedule.

Have an Indoor Element to Your Party

Planning a backyard birthday party? Host some of the event inside to avoid an urgent haul of snacks, napkins, and birthday cake when it starts to pour. We understand that allowing a team of youngsters into the house might be asking for a few spills or accidents, but you’ll be relieved when you can continue the festivities in your basement or family room without skipping a beat. If you don’t have room in your house to host your kid’s friends, you can accomplish a partial enclosure of your backyard using a tarp, canopy, or a gazebo. If your Amuz game gets wet during your party, simply turn it over to let the water run off or cover it with a tarp.

Play Anyway!

Sometimes, it’s just easier and more fun to play in the rain. After all, a little water never hurt anyone. Of course, there are some elements of the party that should be moved indoors, like food and gifts. But if the weather is hot and the rain starts to fall, encourage your kids to embrace the weather and get soaked. If they’re having fun with an Amuz dunk tank or foam machine, they’re going to be wet anyway! They might not mind the bad weather if they’re wearing their bathing suits. Chances are, the rain will pass by quickly. If the rain persists or turns into thundershowers, then it might be time to take things inside.

With anything in life, you always have to expect the unexpected. But with Amuz, your guests are guaranteed a barrel of laughs and a memorable experience they’ll remember for years to come. Reserve your Amuz game Online or contact us today for more details.