Between Christmas and Easter, students don’t have much to look forward to. The days are long and cold, and there are few, if any, holidays to look forward to. That’s why Spring Break can feel like the most wonderful time of the year. Sitting smack-dab in the middle of the most uneventful time of year is one full week of not having to worry about school at all. If you or your children are counting down the days to March Break, here are some fun ideas for spending your holiday at home.

#1: Movie Marathons

It’s Spring Break. That means, we should (and deserve to) feel free to be as lazy as we want. The harder your grade, the harder you’ve had to work to keep your marks up and stay on top of your homework. So why not spend your week catching up on Netflix, starting and finishing an entire movie series, or ploughing through your favourite mystery novels. And if you want to spend all week in your pyjamas, go for it!

#2: Snow Fort Extravaganza

If your pyjamas are starting to take on a weird smell and you’ve watched every Harry Potter movie four times and you don’t remember what your backyard looks like, you might want to think about spending a few hours in the fresh air. While you’re outside, why not take some time to build the snow fort of your dreams? Enlist the help of your siblings or friends, or work on your own to make the biggest, most impressive deluxe snow fort your neighbourhood has ever seen. The snow won’t be around forever, so if you have a yearning to build an igloo, now is the time to start!

#3: Indoor Swimming

You might be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the joys of vacation-y activities. Collect your friends and family and spend the day lounging in the shallow side of the pool, working on your butterfly stroke, or mastering Marco Polo. The warm ionized air will feel incredibly soothing, while the smell of pool water will fill your head with warm summer vibes. If you’re prone to feeling the winter blues, swimming a few laps around the pool may be just what you’ve searching for.

#4: Ski Resort

If you want to make the most of the last few weeks of real winter, get in the car and head over to your favourite ski hills. Whether you like to play it low key by spending a few hours at Mont-Rigaud, or you want to go all out and spend a few days hitting up those world-class slopes and enjoying the views of Mont-Tremblant, skiing is the quintessential way to blow off steam on a Quebec spring break.

#5: Indoor Carnival

Bring all the fun and excitement right into your home with carnival-styled rentals that the whole family can enjoy. Why not try indoor-sized inflatable games like our classic Party Jumper or our the party-favourite Ball Pit. Serve up some traditional carnival food while you’re at it, like our timeless popcorn machine, hot dog maker, and cotton candy machine. Find all these fun treats and more at our Candy Corner.

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