The difficulty with hosting a New Year’s Eve party for the whole family is that it’s hard to find activities that are appropriate for children and fun for grown-ups. Parents and their friends want to sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening, while kids want to run around and show off their new Christmas toys. Is there a way to satisfy both age groups while ringing in the New Year? Here’s how to throw a NYE party for the whole family.

Invite Friends Over

When you’re the parent of young children, you might not feel exactly like the party animal you used to be. New Year’s Eve may be the only day of the year where you make an exception to your usual early bedtime. Organizing a joint family party allows you to enjoy the comforts of home while still celebrating New Year’s Eve like it was meant to be celebrated. That way, your kids have their friends to play with, which leaves you and your friends an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourselves.

Prepare Food in Advance

Our advice: make two separate menus. If the very idea makes you cringe, here are some easy suggestions to satisfy both kids and adults without spending all day in the kitchen:

  • Adults: A charcuterie board with quality cheese, crackers, and garnishes; potluck tapas, artisanal pizza, Chinese take-out.
  • Kids: Snow cones, tacos, cotton candy, pizza

If these sound like strange suggestions, just remember that all these options require zero or very little cooking and preparation. And if you tend to rub your nose at Chinese take-out, check out high-end restaurants that offer take-out.

Give the Kids a Special Menu

If the kids options sound just a little too unhealthy for your taste, why not pair junk food with a healthy alternative or find ways to turn healthy food into a fun meal that your kids will eat right up. The goal is not to load up your children with sugar and send them to the basement to play, but to find a balance between sharing a celebratory meal with your kids and making sure they eat relatively healthy.

Set up Activities for the Kids

There’s no way that both children and adults will be happy for very long partaking in each other’s activities. Eventually someone is going to get bored and cranky. Make sure the kids always have something to do while you wait for the stroke of midnight. Sit them down to a movie, bring out some puzzles, set up games, or surprise them with an indoor inflatable party jumper.

Don’t Say “No” to Staying up Until Midnight

It happens every year: your children fight for their right to stay up to witness the ball drop while you patiently explain that they’re just too young to stay awake until midnight. But no matter how hard they try, they end up falling asleep hours before. Since they’re going to fall asleep anyway (especially if they’ve been playing with their friends for hours on end), go ahead and say yes! While they’ll be pleased as punch that you let them stay up late like the big kids, you know they probably won’t make it.

There are so many ways for children and adults to enjoy New Year’s Eve together. The trick is to find food and activities for both groups that can be enjoyed under one roof. For all your New Year’s Eve party supplies, check out our catalogue, or contact Amuz today for more information.