This winter, we’re experiencing some of the coldest weather in recent memory. Arctic winds and icy temperatures make us want to sink into the couch under a pile of blankets and consume copious amounts of hot chocolate. But since Canadian winters represent almost half the year, it’s more important to embrace the cold weather than to run away from it. If you’re planning a winter birthday party, here are some simple ways to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland.

Skating Rink

When it comes to planning an outdoor party in the dead of winter, it’s all about changing your perspective. What you may see is a cold and barren yard covered in heavy, crunchy snow that’s too frozen to build a fort with. But what we see is an opportunity to turn your backyard into a giant skating rink or even a skating circuit that traverses the entire perimeter of the property. To make a skating rink in your yard, simply choose a flat surface and ensure that it’s packed down with a thick layer of snow. Flood the area in the evenings for at least three nights to give it a thick layer of ice with a garden hose. If you’re afraid of the water freezing in the hose, try attaching it to your laundry room sink through an open window. In less than a week, you’ll be challenging your neighbours to a game of hockey.

Turn Up the Heat

On really, really cold days, our extremities never seem to get warm, no matter how many layers we’re wearing. To avoid that painful sensation of chilblains or frostbite, we suggest installing outdoor heaters or building a bonfire. Your kids and their friends will be able to stay outside much longer. Outdoor heaters are an inexpensive way to take back the outdoors and enjoy the freedom of winter in a whole new way.

A Break from the Wind

Wind chill is often the silent killer. We often feel the cold blasting into our region from the Arctic, which means that the temperature can cut right through us like a hot knife. A simple way to avoid the wind chill is to install a vestibule, tent, or even a wall. Parents and kids will get a much-needed break from the biting breeze and will automatically feel warmer out of the open air. If you’re hosting a winter wonderland party in these conditions, a windbreaker is crucial.

Outdoor Snacks

Of course, no birthday party is complete without tasty warm snacks to keep your guests going. As part of the winter theme, we suggest you include warm festive drinks like apple cider, cocoa, and spiced tea, and to include party favourites like popcorn, and hot dogs. If your snow is really clean, why not make homemade snow cones using special syrup and snow from your very own backyard?

Winter Doesn’t Have to be a Prison Sentence

The more we embrace the winter for what it is, the more possibilities we’ll see in front of us. This winter, say goodbye to an indoor party and hello to a beautiful backyard winter wonderland. Contact Amuz today to find out how we can help you plan your child’s next birthday party, no matter what the season.