Our portable dunk tank is great for your corporate BBQ, school party, neighbourhood fair, or even a fundraiser. With the ever-popular Dunk Tank, you never know when it’s your time to drop, but when that time comes, you’ll feel a thrill as your seat gives way beneath you and drops you in the refreshing tank of water. So, start working on your aim if you have some friends you want to dunk!

Dunk Your Friend for Charity

Our Dunk Tank has been a popular choice for charity events. Like the pie-throwing days of yore, Dunk Tanks are the new way to raise awareness and money for important charities. Imagine how much money the big CEO of a large corporation or the principal of the school can raise if their employees or students get a chance to dunk them in the water? The Dunk Tank is your fundraiser’s secret weapon to success.

Birthday Parties

 Dunk Tanks are a great way to give your kids a pool party without the pool. Children of all ages love Dunk Tanks, and parents love how easy they are to install and safe to use. This water game rental fits into most backyards and still gives your kids plenty of room to run around. Plus, the one-person tank allows everyone to cool off one at a time, so you only have to keep an eye on one area of the yard.


Weight: 350 pounds

Delivery is not included, but the Dunk Tank easily fits into most large-sized vehicles like mini-vans (SUVs excluded). Follow care and maintenance instructions carefully. Please check our locations to find out which Amuz is closest to you.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to rent a Dunk Tank for your upcoming summer event! We recommend booking well in advance, as these water game rentals go fast.